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Museum of Nature Art

Museum of Nature Art (MoNA) collects natural heritage inherited from past generations, maintained in the present, and bestowed to future generations. Guided by science and technology, we find pathways to solve climate change and preserve biodiversity. 

Collect Future Heritage

Our Mission is to lever technology to make forestry simple and sustainable for everyone. We are committed to preserving and restoring nature's most pristine beauty, and curate for accessibility to all - humans, the eco-system, and Planet Earth. We aim to build a global and decentralized economy to promote sustainable forest management and conservation for forests around the globe.  


Build the Museum
as a Platform  

MoNA, The Museum of Nature Art, is a participatory platform for recognizing and preserving the values of nature - the rarest and most important beings of the world today.


The "Museum" is located in the intersection of tangible and intangible spaces, where everyone is invited to participate.


Code of conduct

Become Curators for All Beings 

We are curators who provide context and meaning to the relationship between nature and people. We artisticize nature with creativity, openness, and diversity for connecting people. We pursue art that is not an art that utilizes nature, but an art that is an end in nature itself.

Be Creative

스프레이 페인트

Be Open

스프레이 페인트

Be Respectful

스프레이 페인트 메뉴

We carry out the challenge to grow the value of nature in a creative and bold way.

We are committed to free participation by all.

Collaboration is key to greater changes.

We respect the diversity of nature and people

as it is and focus on promoting its value as it is.

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