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Collect Future Heritage

Museum of Nature Art (MoNA) collects natural heritage inherited from past generations, maintained in the present, and bestowed to future generations. Guided by science and technology, we find pathways to solve climate change and preserve biodiversity.

Curate and Conserve

We nurture that aim to reduce or prevent the emission of greenhouse gases, restore green in damaged land, and conserve nature. 


are forests established for thematic research, such as enhancing carbon sink capacities of trees and forests, and use of forestry byproducts and nature-based solutions (NBS).


are forests established to tackle deforestation from natural causes such as wildfires and human-made causes such as land-use change (LUC) by restoring forestry and ecosystems.


are forests established to protect and preserve endangered species, which not only include trees but other species in the broader ecosystem such as bees.

Mountainous Landscape by the Sea_edited.jpg
Green Forest_edited.jpg
Forest 01

Icheon, S.Korea

15 ha, Ownership

2016 ~

Forest 02

Lake Kivu, Rwanda

1 ha, Ownership (Expanding to 50 ha)

2019 ~

Forest 03

Hongcheon, S.Korea

20 ha, Ownership

2021 ~

Details on the mossy grounds_edited.jpg
Forest 04

Gasan, S.Korea

200 ha, Management Agreement

2022 ~

Forest 05

Uljin, S.Korea

10 ha, Coming Soon

2022 ~

sumatra 2.jpg
Forest 06

Sumatra, Indonesia

100 ha, Coming Soon

2023 ~

Curate, Collect, Conserve

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